Injection Molding Capacity

There are dozens of servo injection molding machines and full-electric injection molding machines of domestic and foreign famous brands such as Toshiba, Fanuc, Demag, Haitian in injection moulding workshop. The tonnage of equipment ranges from 50 tons to 470 tons. Besides, some auxiliary equipment has been prepared, including full-servo manipulator, dehumidification dryer, mold temperature controller etc. Many senior technical experts of injection molding can give technical support in the company. We can meet requirements of clients on plastic injection products depending on our precise equipment, strong technical force and advanced manufacture concept.

In the leading position throughout the industry in the injection molding capacity.

High-precision full-electric injection molding machine combined with the special technological process of precise mould manufacture of Yile guarantees the quality of precise plastic products which require strict dimensions and tolerance.

The minimum tolerance of high-precision parts is 0.01mm.

Equipped with 50T-470T injection molding machine

High-temperature materials 350-400°

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